Anais Nin – October 13, 2006

„I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy.”
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„His caresses were so delicate that they were almost like a teasing, an evanescent challenge which she feared to respond to as it might vanish. His fingers teased her, and withdrew when that had aroused her, his mouth teased her and then eluded hers, his face and body came near, espoused her every limb, and then slid away into the darkness. He would seek every curve and nook he could exert pressure of his warm slender body against and suddenly lie still, leaving her in suspense, When he took her mouth he moved away from her hands, when she answered the pressure of his thighs, he ceased to exert it. Nowhere would he allow a long enough fusion, but tasting every embrace, every area of her body and then deserting it, as if to ignite only and then elude the final welding. A teasing, warm, trembling, elusive short circuit of the senses as mobile and restless as he had been all day, and here at night, with the street lamp revealing their nudity but not his eyes, she was roused to an almost unbearable expectation of pleasure. He had made of her body a bush of roses of Sharon, exfoliating pollen, each prepared for delight. So long delayed, so long teased that when possession came it avenged the waiting by a long, prolonged deep thrusting ecstasy.” (Anais Nin, Spy in the House of Love, 1954)

ANAIS NIN – Incest, Editura Humanitas, Bucuresti, 2007:

„Pot sa scriu pagini fantastice, dar nu stiu cum sa le traiesc.”

Henry and June – (1990) movie directed by Philip Kaufman, with Uma Thurman, Maria de Medeiros, Fred Ward. Sensual, delicate and intensely disturbing meeting of three powerfull identities: Anais, Henry Miller and June.

June to Anais: „You just need experience. You’re a writer. You make love to whatever you need.”


~ de AlinaT pe 13/10/2006.

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