What I see and what I am become one.


“Ah, não ser eu toda a gente e toda a parte”

(„Ah, that I’m not everyone and everywhere” F. Pessoa).

‘Identity’ …
of a person,
of a thing,


The word itself gives me shivers.

It rings of calm, comfort, contentedness.

What is it, identity?

To know where you belong?

To know your self worth?

To know who you are?

How do you recognize identity?

We are creating an image of ourselves,

We are attempting to resemble this image…

Is that what we call identity?

( Wim Wenders, in “Notebook on Clothes and Cities”)

Dragostea pentru propriul spatiu este cea care da omului sentimentul de apartenenta si identitate.

„We want to imitate God and that’s why we have artists. Artists want to recreate
the world as if they were little gods. And they do a series of a constant rethinking
of history, of life, of things, which are happening in the world, which we believe
have happened. But because we believe, yes because we believe in memory after
all, and since everything is in the past, who can assure us that what we imagine
has actually occurred? […] Memory is the only thing, which is real, but memory
is an invention. […] In the cinema the camera can capture a moment but that
moment is already part of the past. The cinema only brings back a phantom image
of that moment. „(de Oliveira, Lisbon Story).

„Pointing a camera is like pointing a gun. It devoids reality of life.”

Lisbon Story (1994) – regizat de Wim Wenders


~ de AlinaT pe 20/12/2006.

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