barbaric and beautiful

red sorghum

„Girl, go and just go bravely.
Hey sister, go forward boldly.
Go forward! Don’t look back.
9999 roads all lead us to heaven.
9 thousand 9 hundred and ninety nine.
Hey sister, go forward boldly.
Don’t turn around.
Go build yourself a red silk tower.
Toss that red silk bouquet and I’ll catch it.
Let’s drink sorghum wine together.

Hey sister, go forward boldly.
Go forward. Don’t look back.

Let us drink that red, red sorghum wine”

Red Sorghum (1987) – directed by Yimou Zhang, his debut movie (followed by his masterpiece: Raise the Red Lantern)

Some things are seen, others are felt, some expected, others taken… but sometimes an eclipse highlights the true colour of things. Red as wine, as blood, as love, as life.


~ de AlinaT pe 31/01/2007.

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