It’s not too late!


The writer: „I realize what they say about the nobility of misfortune is true, because misfortune teaches us the truth. Your cancer has opened your eyes to your own life. We humans are so careless. We only realize how beautiful life is when we face death. But few of us are actually able to face death. The worst ones know nothing of life ‘til they die. You were a slave to your own life. Now you will become its master! I’m telling you it’s your human duty to enjoy life. Wasting it you desecrate God’s great gift. We’ve got to have a lust for life. We learned that lust is immoral but it isn’t. Lust is a virtue. Especially lust for life!”

„Life is so short!

Fall in love, dear maiden,

While your lips are still red

And before your passion cools

For there will be no tomorrow.

Life is so short!

Fall in love, dear maiden,

While your hair is still black

And before the fire in your heart dies down

For today will never come again.”

IKIRU (To Live, 1952) – directed by Akira Kurosawa

A masterpiece of cinematography, a song dedicated to living, a delicate metaphor to strike a pasive soul. And what an accurate psychologist Kurosawa is! No mistake, no flaw! Every gesture has its meaning… from the unconscious movement of the hand to the ultimate burst of ecstasy. Of course, Takashi Shimura’s performance is unforgetable.


~ de AlinaT pe 17/02/2007.

5 răspunsuri to “It’s not too late!”

  1. thousands of thanks for makin’ me aware of ‘forgotten’ cinema …

    mihai …

    btw, what’s your bet for the 07 o-scar?

  2. and what if u face death too many times? and u realise you’re so weak. would u care about life anymore?

  3. I don’t trust the Oscars anymore, Mihai…It’s all too political.

  4. I still believe we are the masters of our own lives, Ciprian. We may be physically weak in front of death, but the beauty of our dreams could never be killed by anything. And we’re even stronger when we share them. Take this movie as an example. Kurosawa’s cry of hope continues to live and give hope to others.

  5. mistery is your name, alina..still..the real life is cruel
    you remain a mistery, as i remain a shadow..
    so few words i small for the universe i live in..who can tell me the meaning of life without being a bluffer?!
    i seek no answer..i am too deep thinking to be able to pay attention to any reply for my thoughts..
    if you seek the real meaning of life..tell me when you reach to it’s answers…
    life is ….

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