If it’s in your heart, it is real – if it’s not then it never will be.

yu zhou

If it’s in your heart, it is real – if it’s not then it never will be.

Any illusion can become as real as you want, because truth is nothing more than an empty shell we fill with our trust and belief. The beauty of the poem we choose to believe is what matters most. Would it be a poem like this one?

„To get to your heart, sometimes my voice becomes fragile

Gentle breeze caresses the eel-shaped ice crack.

Lake Celestial, the enchanted celadon,

Melting in my hands soft as your skin…

She brims over my Lake Celestial Completely filled, just you, filled completely.”

I finally understand that a lover is a mirror, through which you can see yourself more clearly.

Some say that love is not about lasting relationships, but about a single moment of togetherness. I don’t agree… what I’m saying about love, and our idea of love, is that it accompanies us for life. It grows old with us. It will always be with us. I think what’s important is not who we fall in love with, but whether or not you have that feeling inside your heart, that feeling that excites you and controls your life. director Sun Zhou

A movie about the consistency of our beliefs and reality .

Zhou Yu’s Train -(2002), directed by Sun Zhou


~ de AlinaT pe 02/03/2007.

Un răspuns to “If it’s in your heart, it is real – if it’s not then it never will be.”

  1. N-am putut sa ma abtin.. Foarte interesanta perspectiva..dar mai profunda semnificatia 🙂

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