May the Lights in the Land of Plenty shine on the Truth some day!

land of plenty

Cine are curajul sa spuna cateva adevaruri simple despre America de dupa 9/11? Intre ura, conspiratii si instigare, filmul Land of Plenty (2004) este o privire fara prejudecati. Nu ne baga fortat pe gat o imagine anume. Lasa ca povestea sa se construiasca lent, punctele de vedere se alatura natural, sentimentul de izolare creste treptat. Poate pentru ca regizorul este german, poate pentru ca este un om care a cunoscut si alte culturi, ceea ce nu se poate spune despre majoritatea americanilor, filmul sau reflecta din afara o lume pe care o recunosc mai ales europenii. Cei care au intrat in contact cu cativa americani ii simt traind in personajele principale. Uimirea lor ca popoare intregi pot sa ii urasca este, pe cat de reala, pe atat de surprinzatoare pentru noi. Exista o nota caricaturala a lor care se va rafina spre sfarsitul filmului. Si da, multi au vazut in prabusirea turnurilor un triumf asupra arogantei americane, nu o tragedie umana.

Si parerea unui critic american (cu un mod tipic de a pune problemele. Recunoasteti?):

„Let me state the obvious: 9/11 threw this country into crisis. Leave it to German filmmaker Wim Wenders to hold a mirror up to America, particularly his home of Los Angeles. Land of Plenty brings together two extremely divergent, but perhaps not irreconcilable, strands of the post-9/11 American psyche.

Paul (John Diehl) is a grizzled Vietnam vet. Jaded and paranoid, he spends his days as a surveillance vigilante in the hopes of protecting America from anything in a turban. Lana (Michelle Williams) is his estranged niece. Eternally hopeful, trusting, and devoutly Christian, she finds herself trying to make a difference at a homeless shelter and reconnect with her freaky uncle. They witness a homeless Pakistani murdered before their eyes and embark on a roadtrip with very different motives.

The opening scenes of surveillance really drew me into this film. All the spy technology and Lana’s (for some reason surprisingly realistic) laptop/iPod action reminded me of The Conversation and Until The End of the World. The acting is really fantastic, particularly Michelle Williams who shines whenever she’s onscreen. I don’t doubt for a second that there are wacko vigilantes out there like Paul, but he’d come off as a caricature were it not for John Diehl’s solid performance.

Ultimately all the right ingredients are here. Fresh, tasty, and necessary. But eventually they blend together and lose some of their charm. The film becomes very plot-driven and concerned with the action, and I found myself waiting for Paul to go nuts and bring the film to a climax. What happens is more complicated, and finally leads to an uncomfrtable but cathartic conversation between Lana and Paul about what happened on September 11, 2001. There was something tenderly sweet and strange seeing two wandering souls talk about that day on the big screen.

Of note, Wenders said distributors like the film and don’t mind the liberal message, but they all say the same thing: They don’t know how to market it, because it’s both liberal and Christian, and those two things don’t go together. (WTF?!??!?!) Also the original title of the film was not very catchy: Angst and Alienation in America.”


Land of Plenty
(2004) – directed by Wim Wenders


~ de AlinaT pe 08/06/2008.

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