Daniel Spoerri

Daniel Spoerri (nascut pe 27 martie 1930 in Galati, Romania) este un artist elvetian considerat a fi o figura centrala in arta europeana de dupa al II-lea Razboi Mondial si chiar unul dintre cei mai renumiti artisti ai sec. XX.

Spoerri este cunoscut pentru instalatiile sale in care surprinde obiecte precum ramasitele unui pranz, alimente, farfurii, tacamuri si pahare, pe care le fixeaza de masa si apoi le expune pe un perete.

Spoerri explained snare-pictures as follows: “objects found in chance positions, in order or disorder (on tables, in boxes, drawers, etc.) are fixed (‘snared’) as they are. Only the plane is changed: since the result is called a picture, what was horizontal becomes vertical. Example: remains of a meal are fixed to the table at which the meal was consumed and the table hung on the wall.”

One-snare picture, made in 1964, consists of the remains of a meal eaten by Marcel Duchamp.

Spoerri was one of the original signers of the manifesto creating the Nouveau réalisme (New Realism) art movement, an avant garde endeavor formed in 1960.

A major theme of Spoerri’s artwork is food, and he has called this aspect of his work “Eat Art.” This is seen not only in his snare-pictures of eaten meals, but in a variety of other contexts. For example, in 1961 he sold in an art gallery in Copenhagen store bought canned food which he had signed and rubber stamped “Attention: Work of Art.” In 1963, he opened the Restaurant de la Galerie J in Paris, an operating restaurant with waiters from the art world. In 1967, Spoerri opened the Restaurant Spoerri in Düsseldorf and in 1970 opened the Eat-Art-Gallery upstairs. He also published in 1970 a diary of his life on the Greek Island of Symi, in which he included numerous recipes of the dishes he ate. Originally titled A Gastronomic Itinerary, it was later republished under the title Mythology & Meatballs.

Mai este apreciat si pentru cartea sa Topographie Anécdotée* du Hasard (An Anecdoted Topography of Chance), in care descrie toate obiectele aflate pe masa lui, cu amintirile personale pe care fiecare i le trezeste.

Spoerri has led a nomadic life, living variously in Bern, Paris, the Greek island of Symi, Dusseldorf, Basel, Munich and Vienna.  In 1997 he moved to the Tuscan town of Seggiano where he opened Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri (the Garden of Daniel Spoerri), a sculpture garden, where works by a number of artists are displayed.


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