Alejandro Amenabar

Alejandro Amenbar and Rachel Weisz on the set of „Agora”

Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar (n. 31 martie 1972, Santiago de Chile, Chile):

(2009) Agora  – a historical drama set in Roman Egypt, 391 A.D., mixing science, religious wars and the story of a female philosophy professor and atheist Hypatia of Alexandria. The movie fails to be what it could have been. A clean performance, but not impressive in any way. Dull. None of the characters has real life. Just puppets. The director seems to have been in a hurry when making this movie. A pleasant film for the masses, nonetheless. For me, unsatisfying.

(2004) The Sea Inside  (Mar adentro) – the movie that made Amenabar widely known as a promising director. His best work. Not mindblowing, but definitely worthy to see and with a very touching plot.  The real-life story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a 30 year campaign in favor of euthanasia and his own right to die.

(2001) The Others  – It may be the best thriller in a long long time. Witty, perfectly engineered. It follows the American cinematic cliches, but it does it with maximum effect. Nicole Kidman’s interpretation is flawless. In its genre, the movie excels.

(1997) Open Your Eyes  (Abre los ojos) – Compared to its remake – Vanilla Sky – Abre los ojos is neither better, nor worse. They’re on the same level. One with the touches of the European taste for twisted psychologies, the other with Hollywoodian curiosity for complicated situations. Both tell the same story, but with different strong points. Movies to be consumed and slowly forgotten.

(1996) Tesis

Alejandro Amenabar is still very young and could offer much to the future art of cinematography. We’re waiting to see what comes next on his list. We should yet keep in mind that his favourite directors are Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Stanley Kubrick.


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