My cat



Sammy loves sunshine, morning caresses, fresh green grass and tasty butterflies. She loves her soft pillows and she loves me. Sometimes, when she sleeps, bad dreams wake her up and she comes crying to me to confort her. She hates being left alone for more than a day. She hates being made to do anything. She does it only when she is sure she wants it and you already forgot about it. She hates other cats, other humans, other animals that are not eatable. She is gelous. Nobody can replace her in my lap. She is afraid of thunders and the sound of opening bottles. She accepts travelling by train, but can’t stand travelling by car. She is revengeful. She uses your weaknesses in her favour. When she feels guilty, she hides under the bed and watches us go by without a sound. She is an aristocat, always clean and in a perfect pose. When she moves, she does it gracefully and careful not to touch anything. She never awakes you, if not for an emergency, and she resists the temptations of even the most delicious meat if not especially placed in her eating bowl. We often annoy her but she learned to accept us. She knows I love her.

I miss her.

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